Merk: KTM
SKU: 14187D1602
Artikelgroep: Suspension component
The SXS motocross closed-cartridge fork is the result of very successful teamwork between world championship riders, race engineers and the Development department at WP Suspension.
All parts have been surface finished to improve the sliding properties and ensure optimum oil transfer. The ingredients:
  • Polished fork springs
  • Polished and coated inner tubes
  • Polished and coated piston rod
  • Hard anodized, CNC-machined parts
Rebound and compression damping can be adjusted externally on the SXS fork. It can be completely dismantled, so it's 100 % maintainable and optimally adjustable to the individual damping performance requirements of the rider.
By the way: The best chassis set-up is achieved in combination with an SXS PDS factory shock.

Approvals: CCCUO_EU
Model year: 2008
Factory fork