Merk: Putoline
Artikelnummer: 74405
Artikelgroep: Liquids Oils

N-TECH® SPR + 5W-50 is a race proven, fully synthetic racing 4-stroke motorcycle oil based on an advanced blend of the best base oils available on the market. A very high percentage of PAOs (Poly Alfa Olefins) and synthetic Esters ensures unparalleled high quality. The choice of the best base oils in combination with a maximum dose of the revolutionary N-TECH® additive system gives power gains and extremely low wear values. SAE 5W-50 provides a higher viscosity and thus a higher resistance to fuel dilution. Specially developed for extreme racing conditions and starts. Combines maximum reliability with optimal performance with a wet clutch and unsurpassed clutch engagement.

1 L Flacon Putoline N-Tech® Spr+ 5W-50