Merk: Putoline
Artikelnummer: 74739
Artikelgroep: Liquids Cleaners

Degreaser RL is a mineral, emulsifiable degreaser. The product is based on a well-refined solvent with the addition of selected substances. The product removes oils, greases, dirt and other contaminants from all parts of motorcycles, is not aggressive and is not flammable due to the high flash point of 70 ° C.

Directions for use:

- Apply by brush or spray to the surface to be cleaned.
- Soak for 3-5 minutes.
- Rinse with running water or a pressure washer.

Pay attention! It is not permitted to discharge Degreaser RL or flushing water directly into the municipal sewer or surface water. Use an oil-water separator for the rinse water.

60 L Drum Putoline Degreaser Rl